About Earthbag Technology

Earthbag, also known as ‘superadobe’ was birthed by by Iranian architect and builder Nader Khalili in the 1970’s.  He founded The Californian Institute of Earth Art and Architecture where he and his students experimented with this technology and developed it to the level we see today. Cal Earth has produced thousands of Alumni like us from around the planet and we are very excited to bring this technology to Australia.

Earthbag is a perfect method for Australia, and is such a simple method that anyone can learn, especially in this climate where people are becoming more aware of their environmental impact  and more interested in sustainable living and learning to become self-sufficient.

Earthbag is :

–  Extremely strong and resistant to harsh climates and conditions,

–  Economically viable, most of the material is on site

–  Low impact

–  Simple to learn, use and modify

–  Flexible: can create natural beauty as buildings can be almost any shape


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